Bernadette Maughan – Manager

Hello and welcome!. First and foremost let me introduce myself. My name is Bernadette Maughan and I am the manager of Sligo Traveller Support Group. I am also the mother and grandmother of a family. I am charged with the responsibility of overseeing the organisation development, staff management and programme development, in addition to keeping STSG’s board informed and updated of all the happening on the ground on a regular basis.

While I catch my breath, I’d like to add that we at STSG have a good staff team and try to implement STSG’s strategic plan, do a lot of outreach work as well as put on outdoor activities. We do this as some of the best work is done not in meetings but at events and gatherings, be they local, regional or national.

The staff team, like the board, is made up of Travellers and settled persons who work together to achieve common goals and whom all work to achieve the aims and objectives of STSG as set out in the Memorandum and Articles.

Please feel free to browse the site, we’d welcome any suggestions on how to improve our service and also update the website and/or make it more accessible and user friendly.

Audrey Williams – Administrator

Hello! My name is Audrey Williams and I joined STSG in June 2018. I am the administrator in the office. My responsibilities include the day to day running of the office, advising our manager Bernadette of meeting and correspondence on a dialy basis. My role involves processing the weekly payroll and Revenue returns. I keep record of all the finances, income and expenditure, and ensure that all returns are sent to funders on time. I prepare the documentation and a financial statement for Board of Director meetings and take minutes at same meetings.

I feel privileged to work with such a dedicated group of people and to have Bernadette as my manager as she works tirelessly for the Travelling community.


Marie Ward – Primary Healthcare Worker

Hello, my name is Marie Ward and I am a primary healthcare worker at Sligo Traveller Support Group. I am a Traveller woman and it is a privilege to be able to work within my community.

My job being a Primary Healthcare Worker I carry out home visits twice a week to Traveller families all over Sligo to promote health, provide general information and to assess the needs of families to put programmes in place to improve the overall health of Travellers and the needs of families. We also work in conjunction with the designated Public Health Nurse Floraidh Dunn and Dr Mary Connolly. We work closely together to ensure all advice given on visits are evidence based. The majority of primary healthcare work is health promotion and I also run health and well being programmes with young people aged 7-15 through the medium of dance and sport etc.

Feel free to contact me regarding anything in my area on 0719145780 or email marie@stsg.ie

Cliona Ward – Primary Health Care Worker

Hello, my name is Cliona Ward.

I’m one of the Primary Health Care Workers. I also work with young people age from 7-15 in health & well-being programmes through different activities like swimming, multisports, cookery, dance, driving theory, women’s programmes etc.  We deliver our focus health & well-being programmes like our healthy eating class and exercise classes. In conjunction with the designated public health nurse, Floraidh Dunn & Dr Mary Connolly, we work closely together to ensure all advice that we are giving out on family visits is evidence- based   I have been working with Sligo Travellers Support for 7 years and I love it.

It’s great to be seen a role model in the community and to get the message to all the Travellers that they can have a career and get a job and most importantly, be an independent person.

To contact me re anything in area of work please call 071 914 5780 or email cliona@stsgie 

Mary McGinley – Homework Club

Hello my name is Mary McGinley and I am part of the homework club staff in Sligo.

I have been working here for four years and really enjoy being part of the team. It is a privilege to be working within my community.

I am based in Collooney in STSG homework club there which I hope to be a part of.

If you would like to contact me please contact 071 914 5780.