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1. Primary Healthcare Team


Traveller Health is the most important and widest area of work that STSG covers, as Traveller’s generally suffer more health problems than the settled population. The Primary Healthcare Team (PHCT) work together to ensure that the recommendations made within the All Ireland Traveller Health Study (2010) are implemented into the activities that we organise for members of the Traveller community. The PHCT work closely with the Designated Public Health Nurse (DPHN) for Travellers, Floraidh Dunn. Floraidh and the PHCT work together on current pieces of work on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

The PHCT have done a lot of work on health & health promotion to date. This includes: 


Every year the PHCT run various health awareness programmes such as;

The PHCT continually attend various training days such as a 4 day Mental Health training and MABS training which were both recently completed. By taking part in various training programmes we are ensuring that we can offer you, our community, the best possible service!

Family Visits

Family Visits take place most Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The Community Health Workers (CHWs) cover all of Sligo and may call to you at some stage, however, if you require a visit feel free to contact the team to arrange a suitable time and day. On family visits, the CHW’s will have leaflets with information on health problems; they will also keep you updated on upcoming events that STSG are running.

All family visits are confidential and the CHWs will only discuss issues that the person is comfortable with.
If you or your family are having any problems in the area of health, or you simply want to ask some questions or find out more information do not hesitate to ask the girls, or if you just want a chat that is fine too! If you would like to arrange a visit you can call the Primary Health Care Team in STSG on 0719145780


We have an excellent Youth programme here in STSG, led by Rosie Maughan with the help of other staff members . We work closely with the young people of the Traveller community to help encourage participation in different programmes that Rosie would arrange with other staff members and also local Youth agencies in the Sligo town area  . Activities that we organise include;

Programmes / awareness sessions that we organise include;

If you wish to take part in any of our programmes or require any further information feel free to contact either any meneber of staff  here at the office on 071 9145780.

We link with various youth clubs when organising programmes. This helps to break down barriers which Travellers face within their daily lives and also encourages integration within the community. Some of the youth clubs we link with include;

Domestic Violence Advocacy Service (DVAS) Support

Kathleen Stokes (Community Health Worker) works closely with DVAS and members of the Travelling Community. Kathleen assists any community member who is experiencing any form of domestic violence.

DVAS is a free and confidential service which is based here in Sligo Town and covers Sligo, Leitrim and West Cavan. DVAS can be contacted via their website (click here) or at (071) 914 1515. Kathleen is also member of the DVAS Committee. She fundraises for DVAS and conducts any required promotional work. Feel free to contact Kathleen at any time here at the STSG office if you have any questions regarding DVAS or domestic violence.

2. Peace III Activities

The Peace III programme has provided funding for many of the activities that go on here at STSG. Examples of some of the activities that are have been run under this programme are:

Contact Rosie on 071 9145780 to find out more about these programmes.


Bernadette Maughan: “My work also includes the area of childcare for Traveller children in Sligo town and County. I lead on getting them in to pre-school and also try to get them started early in education and secondary school."

4. Prison Project

Martin leads on the Prison Link Art Programme in Loughan House Open Prison Co Cavan.

This Involves; 10 – 15 men attending quarterly sessions which are held on Wednesdays and Thursdays. This programme allows the participants to express themselves through Art. The programme started in March 2009 and according to the participants, the Governor and the officers it has been a huge success and of great benefit to all involved. Click here to see photos of their work.

BBC Radio Belfast Sunday Sequence Programme came down in September 2009 and did a programme on the men in the prison, when they read an article about it in the EU Peace III magazine. In 2010 we painted a visiting unit in child-friendly colours.  In mid 2010  we started a stained glass project (see photos here), later on in the year we did a Farrier course. In March 2012 we started the Barrel Top Wagon Project. This has just recently been completed. (see photos)

Martin has also co-facilitated information sessions on Tuesdays, Such as:

These sessions are advisory sessions for Inmates who are due for release and who are not sure of how to access their entitlements after they have served a prison sentence.

5. Mediation Service

Mediation is offered at a nominal rate by both male and female M.I.I. (Mediation Institute of Ireland) qualified mediators.

6. Counselling (one-to-one)

STSG offer a counselling service by both male and female qualified counsellors.

7.Education Support

Joan Mulvaney is the Education Support Worker here at STSG. If you have any questions or want to discuss your own or your child's education, feel free to contact Joan here at the STSG office.

The aim of the education programme is to promote, facilitate and support the education of Travellers from pre-school to 3rd level. The programme assists people with the following:



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