Primary Healthcare Team


Traveller Health is one the most important and widest area of work that STSG covers, as Travellers generally suffer more health problems compared to the rest of the population. The Primary Healthcare Team (PHCT) work together to ensure that the recommendations made within the All Ireland Traveller Health Study (2010) are implemented into the activities that we organise for members of the Traveller community. The PHCT work closely with the Designated Public Health Nurse (DPHN) for Travellers, Floraidh Dunn.

The PHCT have done a lot of work on health & health promotion to date. This includes:

  • A leaflet on Post-Natal Depression (known also as the Baby Blues).Galactosaemia awareness leaflet – this condition is very common in the Traveller community, with 1 of every 700 Traveller babies being effected, compared to only 1 of every 46,000 in the rest of the population.
  • Baby Book – book about pregnancy, with plenty of illustrations and written in an accessible, easy to understand way.
  • Traveller-proofing leaflets by adding pictures and making the English easier to understand, including leaflets on Mental Health, Social Services and Domestic Violence.
  • We have produced and distributed to the Traveller community a Mental Health DVD. STSG will also be distributing these on family visits and at various events we organise and attend. The DVD is also available to relevant health professionals. This DVD covers a variety of areas related to Mental Health in an easy to understand manner in jargon-free language.

Every year the PHCT run various health awareness programmes such as;

  • Skin Care
  • Cancer Awareness
  • Healthy Eating
  • Health and Fitness – aerobics and walking
  • Domestic Violence
  • Screening programmes

The PHCT regularly attend training days such as a 4 day Mental Health training and MABS training which were both recently completed. By taking part in continuous professional development we are ensuring that we can offer you, our community, the best possible service.

Family Visits

Family Visits take place most Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The Community Health Workers (CHWs) cover all of Sligo. If you require a visit feel free to contact the team to arrange a suitable time and day. On family visits, the CHW’s will have leaflets with information on health problems; they will also keep you updated on upcoming events that STSG are running.

All family visits are confidential and the CHWs will only discuss issues that the person is comfortable with.
If you or your family are having any problems in the area of health, or you simply want to ask some questions or find out more information do not hesitate to ask the girls, or if you just want a chat that is fine too. If you would like to arrange a visit you can call the Primary Health Care Team in STSG on 071 914 5780.


We have a youth programme here at STSG run be various members of the STSG team. We work closely with the young people of the Traveller community to help encourage participation in different programmes  in partnership with other local community organisations, venues and youth agencies in the Sligo town and county. Activities that we organise include:

  • Soccer
  • Hip hop dancing
  • Swimming
  • Equestrian skills programme horse care /riding
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Zumba
  • Boxing
  • Woodwork
  • Handyman Programme

If you wish to take part in any of our programmes or require any further information feel free to contact us here at the office on 071 914 5780

We link with various youth clubs when organising programmes. This helps to break down barriers which Travellers face within their daily lives and also encourages integration within the community. Some of the youth clubs we link with include:

  • Foroige
  • The Crib
  • Cranmore
  • Sligo Sports and Recreation Partnership
  • Northside Community Centre
  • Sligo Rovers Football Club

Domestic Violence Advocacy Service (DVAS) Support

As an organisation we work closely with the Domestic Violence Advocacy Service and members of the Travelling Community. We will assist and support in with total confidentiality any community member who is experiencing any form of domestic violence.

DVAS is a free and confidential service which is based here in Sligo Town and covers Sligo, Leitrim and West Cavan. DVAS can be contacted via the DVAS website or telephone 071 914 1515.

Feel free to contact us at any time here at the STSG office if you have any questions regarding DVAS or domestic violence.

Men’s Development Worker

At Sligo Traveller Support Group we also employ a part-time Men’s Development Worker. This person carries out home visits to clients, distributes relevant and appropriate health information with a particular emphasis on mental health, diabetes and cardiovascular health.

The needs of clients are also advocated for with various bodies including in particular the HSE, GP, and local authority.

Regular intercultural activities are organised including football matches with the Syrian refugee community in Ballaghaderreen and asylum seeker community in Globe House.

A public conference around the issue of Travellers and mental health is organised annually by the men’s development worker which is very well attended.

Annual social events are also organised including trips to Croagh Patrick and fishing.

The men’s development worker is also available to support clients with any education, training, or employment needs that may arise.

Supported driver theory test training is available.

The Handyman Program is also running with basic car mechanics and maintenance, basic domestic electrical work, tiling, garden and home maintenance available to learn.

If you would like to arrange an appointment please call 071 914 5780.