The Royal College of Surgeons has been running an initiative encouraging Travellers to study with them, and now the programme has seen it’s first Traveller doctor graduate.

Martin Collins, Director at Pavee Point, said of this achievement;

It’s hoped that with this graduation, the message can go out to Travellers that the highest level of education is open , when appropriate supports are put in place. With the proper supports and encouragement we can achieve anything — that’s why it’s so important that this programme and others like it can be continued and promoted.

It seems a pity that just when Travellers are making such breakthroughs, supports in the primary and secondary education system are being removed, such as the visiting teachers service, school transport and other supports. It’s imperative these are protected for the future.

We here at STSG extend our warm congratulations to this student and to the college for their support. We hope to see a lot more Travellers working in the Health Service in future.