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According to Census 2011, 3 out of 4 Travellers are under 34 years old. A higher birth rate and higher mortality rate than the general population accounts for this young population.

Young Travellers come from a different  ethnic background from their peers in the general population. Youth workers  targeting young Travellers should take this into consideration in order to provide them with culturally appropriate activities and services.

Youth Work

It is important that young Travellers have access to Youth Work services because this can play a key role in integration and also in developing their skills. Census 2006 states that approximately 85% of Travellers have not completed secondary level education. Youth work services targeted at Travellers are hoped to change these numbers drastically in future generations.

Issues Facing Young Travellers

Some of the issues that face young Travellers include


Task Force Reccomendations

 The Task Force Report on the Traveller Community (1995) said:

“The role and importance of youth work in response to the needs of young Travellers is obvious given the striking age structure of Travellers and the serious gaps in the provision and take-up of education. Youth work with Travellers should not be seen as a substitute for formal education but as an important complement to it. Youth work with Travellers should aim to enable young people to become active participants in their own communities and in the wider society, and to work towards breaking cycles of poverty and exclusion. Youth work should assist in the development of individual and collective self-esteem through services which are based on standards of excellence, are non-judgmental, accepting, culturally appropriate, encouraging and yet challenging. There is need to ensure that existing services are in line with the principles and standards outlined by the Task Force.”

The Task Force also recommended that:

“An effective and appropriate youth service with Travellers should be based on a social education model containing such values as: respect, co-operation, participation, consultation, responsibility, empowerment and equality. Youth work with Travellers should avoid any connotations of a rescue mission for the deprived or a top down social control approach”

View the report here

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